Not the one I bought, but I love this one too.

Not the one I bought, but I love this one too.

Yesterday, before the humidity and crowds hit, I meandered around the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair on my annual solo forage for something there that stops me in my tracks. I’d already spent a few hours wandering happily in and out of booths, fueled only by a candy bar and a great big hunger for art, and was on my way back to my bike, when I happened upon the work of Albuquerque printmaker, Ray Maseman, stepped out of the flow of other meanderers, and settled in for some nice long looking.

I left with a piece called “Relocated” as well as the story of its origins straight from Ray’s mouth.

If you’re heading to Art Fairs or if you’re nearby already, I strongly encourage you to walk the mall between the Rackham Building and the Hatcher Library. Ray’s booth is near the library, on the Chemistry Building/west side, and there’s a whole lot of worth-your-time artwork right in his neighborhood.

Below you’ll find a link to Ray Maseman’s website. Looking at it now I’m thinking, oh, I want that one, too, and that one. . . feel lucky to have the one I do.

Ray Maseman, Printmaker