Dog Heart, Poetry Chapbook

The second printing is now available.

The signed and numbered limited first edition has cover art and interior embellishments by Melanie Boyle. Handsewn linen binding by Jean Buescher Bartlett.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Alice Greene & Co.

“With bright storms of observation, sonically charged language, and precise imagery, Swan explores the separations, juxtapositions, consequences and mysteries of human-wild interactions, where children ‘materialize’ at our bedsides and ‘leave tracks of their own’ and songbirds’ ‘claws rough the [snow] crust to crewelwork.'” -Susan Firer, author of Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People

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Dog Heart
Kewee rarely stopped for the camera and so the whole
of her photographed life is movement stopped
I must hold the other images–Kewee resting, watching
waiting for me to catch up–in my mind. Impossible
sometimes for me, distracted, obsessed, both
The way not to remember, the way to lose things
Snow wasn’t blowing around in the trees just then
Clouds clotted the sky. The near-shore shallows were still
and green. That Kewee and I were there together to see it
feels like some sort of miracle, that these feel keep
filling with warmth and carrying me along because
the heart I’ll never see simply keeps doing its job
(The title poem, “Dog Heart,” originally appeared in Bear River Review 2010. My gratitude goes to the editor, Chris Lord.)