Porch Swing, letterpress book and broadside

Ann Arbor, Michigan: Bloodroot Press

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The limited edition handmade book, which has been acquired by several rare book collections, is no longer available.

The book artist’s story behind Porch Swing

“Seeking subject matter for photographs, I often work in a very small area and shoot from various angles. This porch in North Carolina is about 6′ x 15′ and is punctuated by a porch swing on the east side. (A forked twig in a pool of light on the floorboards just happened to be in the right spot for the composition.) The play of light was visually intriguing as it dramatically defined surfaces and volumes.

“When I first approached Alison Swan to write an accompanying poem for the photograph, she hesitated, saying . . . she felt a little uneasy working from an image. Then she asked me to tell her more about the larger environment where the photograph was taken and why I felt drawn to it. Alison shares my strong sense of place and tug towards the natural world, and this companion poem emerged.” – Jean Buescher Bartlett, artist and proprietor, Bloodroot Press

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