ZinnI stumbled upon this chalk-art-in-progress yesterday evening at the northeast corner of E. Liberty St. and S. Fifth Ave., in downtown Ann Arbor.  I’m glad I stopped and spent some time with it because after twenty-four hours of rain, there’s no sign of this little stripy-capped, purple guy with blue arms, elf ears, a dragon’s tail, and a dog’s smile. I just checked.


That’s artist David Zinn. Look closely and you’ll see the clever visual trick he’s played by incorporating the handrail into his drawing. I like to think I’d have seen the illusion myself, given enough time, but Zinn had to show me.Zinn art


A commercial artist, he told me he likes doing chalk art because it’s off screen and the vast majority of his work happens on screen. The David Zinn website tells visitors, “Thanks for supporting the ethereal arts,” which makes Zinn an ethereal artist, right? Cool.


Click here to view more of David Zinn’s witty, ethereal art. Once you get there, explore the other links, too.

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