On Friday night I watched five (obsessive) musicians recreate the 1974 Genesis Lamb Lies Down on Broadway tour from the front balcony of Grand Rapids' Orbit Room. This, I thought to myself at one point, is the kind of thing that eludes description in words. So here's a photo, and my wholehearted recommendation. If you get a chance to see The Musical Box, as they call themselves, be a Genesis show: go!

As they wrapped up "Carpet Crawlers" I turned to my husband and said, "This is what heaven will be like." Silly, but that's how I felt for a moment. Here's hoping The Musical Box, by now so well primed, will produce their own Genesis-influenced ouevre.

The Musical Box are so meticulous in their attention to detail that they wear their hair long and uncoiffed, don actual 70s clothes (even shoes), and use 70s instruments and amp's. They were enveloped in the same lights-and-smoke special effects. And the original slide-show triptych played above their heads–an eloquent visual commentary on the human condition, especially in 1970s NYC, which is what those privileged British boys (Genesis) were responding to.

The musician/actor playing Peter Gabriel sang and acted his heart out, emerging in the outlandish costumes that were Gabriel's signature and weren't yet commonplace in rock concerts. The musicians/actors playing Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford, and Tony Banks, were as low key as you'd expect–apparently immersed in their instruments. "Phil Collins," appropriately bearded and incongruously sporty-looking, played with just a bit less flare than the original, but I didn't mind.