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Michigan: Our Land, Our Water, Our Heritage

John Knott, Editor

Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Nature Conservancy/The University of Michigan Press

“A wonderful tribute to the vastly diverse geography that is Michigan. It is evident that the contributors are true advocates of the cause. I have come to really appreciate the writing styles of such authors as Jerry Dennis, Alison Swan, and Anne-Marie Oomen. Michigan is lucky to have such talented writers promoting and protecting it.”–goodreads


From Along the Paw Paw, Alison Swan’s essay in Michigan

After the train has roared past, insect song lies heavy in our ears again: cicadas, crickets, and other clicks and buzzes I can’t identify. Scattered bird peeps and chirps remind me to look for migrating birds. It’s the kind of quiet one finds in nature, neither silence nor din, layered to complexity beyond anything human made.

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